"Mimi managed to help me find self respect and self worth.  She saved my life."

J, aged 24

These sessions have been life-changing. I felt comfortable with Mimi immediately, and really felt cared about.  She helped me break down my issues into parts so I am now able to fully understand and deal with them all.  I feel a lot more sure of myself and my capabilities.  I've never been one for counselling, but I'm so glad I did, and that Mimi was the one to help me.  This feeling of calm and relief is amazing and these sessions have given me that.  I can't properly put into words how I feel, but it's so far removed from how I was that the dark period almost feels like it happened to someone else.  I never felt judged or silly, and I'm truly grateful to her.  I would highly recommend Mimi to anyone.

A, aged 36

"I was initially very nervous and apprehensive about commencing therapy however, Mimi put me instantly at ease with her kind and caring approach. My time with Mimi has allowed me to view not only myself differently but has also changed my perspective of the whole world. It’s no longer such a scary place but instead a playground to explore and a stage to freely express who I truly am. I have spent my life in survival mode and now, thanks to my work with Mimi, I can begin to thrive. Thank you for giving me the key to unlock the rest of my life."

S, aged 28

“I can’t express my gratitude to Mimi enough.  She is very welcoming and understanding.  She really helped me gain focus, lead me from a dark place, and helped me see things very clearly for first time in a long time.  I feel a different person and happy thanks to my sessions, which have given me the confidence to face my problems head on. Whatever happens I can look forward to a brighter and healthier future with the decisions I decide to make about my life.  Thank you Mimi, you really helped me turn my life back on track.”

M, aged 35

"My time with Mimi has been incredibly beneficial.  Working with her has helped me turn my life around and I feel stronger and more postitive with hope for the future.  Thank you!"

L, aged 29

“I was very nervous and apprehensive about approaching a counsellor, but within a few minutes I felt very comfortable with Mimi and she has helped me tremendously.  After just four sessions, my whole approach to life has changed very positively, and I cannot thank Mimi enough.”

P, aged 69

"Thank you for listening and understanding what I've been going through.  As difficult as it's been for me to open up, you've put me at ease and allowed me to try and express my issues.  As the sessions have gone on, my darkness seems to be lifting, from the darkest thoughts to now being more positive about my life.  I feel I can now try to move on from those times and deal with any further problems in a positive and constructive way."

N, aged 41

A 'Thank you' doesn't sound quite enough for how much you have helped me in such a short space of time. I came to you when I felt completely lost in life; I was confused about things that had happened in the past and was struggling to understand my own feelings. At my lowest point, I knew I could either sink or swim, but you helped me stay afloat and make sense of the world again. You always made me feel comfortable and at ease, and in your company I was finally able to admit things I didn't even know I felt myself. Your kindness and non-judgemental approach has helped me find my voice, rebuild my self confidence and find the person I once was again."

A, aged 28

"Mimi has been instrumental in keeping me grounded during one of the hardest years of my life.  She's gone above and beyond as far as I am concerned and I could not recommend her more.  Thank you so much Mimi, I honestly don't know how I would've coped without you."

G, aged 28

"Mimi has been wonderful in listening and understanding my issues with empathy and compassion.  She challenged my perspective on numerous occasions and taught me to evaluate and learn from what I have been going through.  I can't thank her enough for my experience with therapy and I will take all that I have learnt moving forward.  Just thank you!"

H, aged 25

"Counselling has provided me with hope for the future and helped me to find what I need to make the most of myself."

E, aged 16

"Thank you for all your help and support, for making me a stronger person and helping me deal with things in my life which were holding me back from enjoying life.  You have helped me beyond what I could have wished for."

P, aged 63

“When I came to see Mimi 4 months ago, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  However, now after these sessions, I feel 100% more clear.  These sessions gave me time to work on myself and gave me the tools to face my fears.  I can’t thank you enough Mimi!”

B, aged 29

"Mimi has guided me on a journey of self discovery; enabling me to accept myself and understand the reasons for my insecurities.  She has a lovely, warm manner and a genuine sense of wanting to improve the way I view things and move forward positively."

A, aged 42

"A massive thank you for helping me to find myself again.  It has been a fascinating and extremely valuable experience that I will take away and remember for many years to come."

J, aged 39

"Thank you for making my sessions with you such a positive experience. 
With your expertise and compassion, I now feel as though I’m back on track and have ' found myself' once again."

C, aged 67

"I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding during our sessions."

D, aged 74

"Thank you very much for your support over the past weeks.  You have really helped me see things clearer and solve things that have been a problem for so many years.  It feels great!"

S, aged 35

"Thank you so much for your kind and helpful counselling.  I hope to carry on with my self-improvement!"

S, aged 47

"Thank you for giving me a new perspective on life."

S, aged 34

“Thank you so much for helping me to feel myself again!"

J, aged 23

“After 8 sessions with Mimi I saw significant changes.  I grew in confidence and self awareness.”

E, aged 30